This band saw is equipped with 300 mm tiltable side fence with idle rollers, and makes it possible to make diagonal cuts.

See youtube movie here

See brochure of band saw here

See pictures of Centauro R800 RTF200 here

The band saw is mounted with : 

  • 300 mm side fence
  • 15 HP eller 20 HP motor
  • 80 mm Stellite saw blades with intern and ekstern lubrification
  • frequence controlled feeding speed
  • hydraulic blade tension
  • pneumatic brake
  • blade guide
  • scrapers on the wheels
  • teleskop blade protection

Extra options :

  • higher side fence
  • automatic hydralic blade tension
  • return roller conveyor 
  • interchangable spindle
  • variable blade speed
  • digital read-out
  • etc.

The band saw can be delivered with 1000 mm wheels.

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